Why us?

“Morfus has worked with us to develop Virtual Reality interiors to present to our clients. The team’s responsiveness, and the excellent work have helped us transition from a 2D-3D world into an immersive one. Their work is allowing us to offer additional visualization benefits to our clients.”

Bruce Macmillan, Architect RVJA

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Unlike other mobile solutions, we don’t just stitch photos together. We allow your clients to walk through your designs, on their own or in a guided tour. Your clients will not just be looking at the space, but they will be IN the space

Hassle? Mobile Galore

No more clunky and expensive VR devices. With your very own customized Android and iOS app, be within reach of your audiences at extreme convenience through the power of smart phones. You can now conduct presentations in VR without having your clients come into the office.

Speed & Convenience

The turnover time for your project is zip fast. Small projects are delivered within days, while we closely collaborate with you or your team to make sure the solution is tailored to your needs. We work with a wide range of 3D files from all the popular design programs like SketchUp, AutoCAD suite and Revit – integrating well with your design tools and workflow.

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